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The Carnivore The Charcoal Grill Pit Ranked among the top 50 Restaurants in the world. Enjoy eating ‘nyama choma’, Kiswahili words for ‘roasted meat’. If you love barbeque, don’t miss this world famous Carnivore when you visit Kenya. Have you ever eaten game meat? ‘Meat’ at the Carnivore where a wide range of meats are roasted: Hartebeest, Crocodile, Gnu, Zebra, Ostrich, beef, pork, lamb and chicken but Game meat as well. Giraffe, , , other specials that you will find on the menu. The meat is served with special sauces which are Carnivores secret.

When you get to the restaurant, just sit and watch the meat coming in great varieties. It your stomach to determine how much to eat for there is a lot of meat served into yo. You will eat so much meat your stomach will have as much as your stomach can carry. Drinks are charged separate. Lunch starts at 1pm while dinner is served from 7pm. A wide variety of vegetarian dishes are also available. Don't miss this great Kenya experience. Time: Lunch-1230hrs -1400hrs;Dinner1830hrs to 2130hrs.