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Mamba Village Nairobi is situated an estimated 13 kilometers away from the capital city of Kenya. Drive towards, the Nairobi National Park, pass the depression past the Animal Orphanage. Come to a junction and leaving the Ongata Rongai road to your left and the Bomas of Kenya road to the right, drive straight on past the Catholic University and come to a junction. At this junction the tarmac road to the left goes to Giraffe Centre while the earth road to the right goes to the Mamba Village. Take the Mamba road to the right and drive on for about 2 kms and you are at Mamba Village.

It is located in a spacious and serene environment accessible by a tarmac and all-weather road. Nairobi Mamba Village - just as the name suggests, is the home of Crocodiles in Kenya's capital city. The species found here is the Nile Crocodile - which is one of the three species common in Africa and the biggest as well. Also considered as man-eaters, the Nile Crocodile can, and sometimes does easily snatch and devour human beings at will. Any close encounter with the reptile is to be avoided at all costs.